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Fractional CMO

FlexxCMO is a fractional CMO service. It specialises in building a business-driven marketing strategy focused on 2 key pillars: Growth and Cost Optimisation.

Clients will work directly with Sandeep Pal, founder and owner of FlexxCMO, an acknowledged marketing and sales expert in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. For over a decade, Sandeep has been in CMO and VP roles with Fortune 500 companies. As VP of Marketing, he has also helped set up the APAC marketing function for a mid-size technology firm.​

Guaranteed ROI. Smaller marketing budget. Are you willing to spend less?

CEOs and CROs of mid-sized companies need help growing their companies but don't always have the time or money to hire a full-time CMO or build a marketing function. Recruiting a full-time executive can take months, not to mention the ongoing costs. For such organisations without a formal or large marketing organisation that are looking to expand and grow in the region, FlexxCMO offers the ability to execute world class marketing plans on an outsourced basis while tightly managing budgets and committing clear KPIs.

Sandeep Pal - FlexxCMO Founder


In a career spanning over 30 years, Sandeep has led sales and marketing teams across Asia Pacific for global technology leaders like IBM, Oracle and Citrix.

He firmly believes that the only key measure of marketing’s success is: Impact On Revenue. As marketing techniques have evolved, he has been at the forefront of not just embracing the change but leveraging modern marketing methods and technologies to drive the marketing transformation. This has included working with the executive team to analyse and agree on a new set of key performance indicators that reflect today’s reality.

As a respected marketing thought leader, he participates in important CMO dialogues in APJ and has presented at B2B leadership events. He has published a thought leadership piece around marketing transformation and sales-marketing alignment in the ‘Journal of Brand Strategy’. He has also contributed as a regional expert and coach for LinkedIn's 'The Regional Marketer's Playbook' for Asia Pacific and the 'B2B Marketer's guide to winning in Asia’.

Sandeep is also a ‘Thinkfluencer’ for Singapore based Tigerhall, a leading knowledge sharing platform. He has recorded multiple podcasts around ‘B2B marketing strategy’ as well as ‘The road to marketing leadership’ for individuals aspiring for a career in this field.

He is a postgraduate in business management from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

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